Bruce Trail Ultra

John has set a new record on the Bruce Trail!!​

9 Days 17 Hours 2 minutes

Congratulations to John H. Pockler and the whole team!

As a veteran endurance athlete and adventurer,
John Harrison Pockler has competed on the global ultramarathon stage with highlights including the Ultra-Trail Cape Town 125 km, the Canadian Death Race 125 km and 1st place finishes at the Schinder-Trail Grauer Kopf 125 km and the Niagara Ultra 50 km.

Running aside, John grew up in small town Römerberg in Germany which was a key influence to his resilient, gritty, and cordial character. He currently resides in downtown Toronto as an Innovation Consultant.

In 2021, he is looking to add more sailing and rock climbing to his toolbox to push the envelope further for more epic adventures and Fastest Known Times (FKT).

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